Brand Overview

Brand is the consistent use of a graphic identity as well as the language used to tell an institution’s stories. Successful branding occurs when an entity presents itself consistently over time, creating an emotional connection with desired audiences.

Appalachian State University is known and recognized throughout the United States and the world. Therefore, it is important that the visual elements and language used to represent the institution and its image do so consistently and with integrity.

The Communications Toolbox provides guidelines to support, protect and promote Appalachian’s brand. Through consistent use, these guidelines will amplify the impact of Appalachian in an increasingly competitive academic marketplace.

Branding Council

The University Branding Council is comprised of members of University Communications, the Office of Trademarks and Licensing, Campus Services, and the Office of General Council.

This cross-disciplinary council works together to make coordinated decisions about promoting and protecting the university’s graphic identity and brand. For more information, contact or 828-262-6156.

Communications Liaisons

Communications Liaisons help make our decentralized marketing system easier and faster to work with. Independently employed by the areas they represent, these liaisons are your conduit to University Communications (UComm) services, and will help you determine what you need, schedule meetings with UComm as needed and speed up the process of developing marketing and PR materials. Click for a list of of Liaison and  the area they represent

University Communications

Promoting the strategic initiatives and special character of Appalachian State University.

Need help with...?

• Communications Planning
• Critical Communications
• Publications and Graphic Design
• Photography, Video and Podcasts
• Mobile Apps
• Audio/Visual Setup
• Media Coverage
• Web Design / Redesign
• Writing and Editing
• Social Media
• Signage
• Event Promotion
• Paid Advertising


Licensing products

Through the licensing program, Appalachian State protects and enhances its reputation by ensuring that only licensed and approved products displaying University trademarks appear before the public. Additionally, the program enables the institution to share in the benefits derived from the commercial use of these trademarks.

For more information, please visit the Office of Trademarks & Licensing.