Logo, Trademarks, Icons, Colors and Fonts

A fundamental piece of the Appalachian State University's communication plan is proper, consistent usage of Appalachian's graphic identifiers.

The university's logo (the "bird" logo), primary icon (the block "A"), seal, titlemarks, fonts and colors are the visual basis for our brand identity and it is important to use them consistently. Capitalizing on the impact of the university's graphic identity will result in stronger marketing materials for your organization.

All marketing materials to be distributed outside our campus borders must adhere to the identity standards presented on this site.

Materials governed by the identity standards include, but are not limited to ... letters; emails; product and service information; brochures; flyers; annual reports; publications; official websites; newsletters; print and broadcast advertising; promotional videos; stationery and business cards; banners and posters; indoor and outdoor signage; promotional items; and merchandise.
Primary logo (the 'bird' logo)

(the "bird" logo)

The "bird" logo is the primary mark of the university. Designed in the late 1980s, this logo reinforces our brand. It is appropriate for an academic institution with a reputation for excellence, and emphasizes our mountain setting, intimate and engaging campus atmosphere.

Usage guidelines


Yosef head

Yosef Head

The Yosef trademark communicates Appalachian school spirit. Used on a wide range of informal print, product and Web applications. The Yosef Head trademark is also the primary athletic mark.

Usage guidelines




Appalachian icons were designed to reflect the university’s visual brand and act as signposts for specific topics.

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 App State Hero's Mark
Hero's Icon

The Hero's icon represents members of Appalachian's military, fire departments, police and medical responders.

Follow the same usage guidelines as the university's Block "A" icon.

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Icon (the block 'A')

Primary Icon
(the block "A")

Originally designed as an athletics identifier, the icon has developed significant recognition value, and may be used to identify the university in less formal media, when placed in close proximity to the words "Appalachian" or "Appalachian State University."

Usage guidelines


Social Media Mark

Social Media Mark and Web Clip

The Appalachian branded social media mark was developed to give a consistent look to departments representing the university. The mark is to be used as the profile photo for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media outlets. It can also be used as a Web Clip.

Usage guidelines
and template access


University Colors

Appalachian's primary colors and suggested color palettes.

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University seal

University Seal

The university's seal should only be used for official communications involving the Chancellor's Office.

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Titlemark (the 'mountain songbird' mark)

("mountain songbird" mark)

The titlemark ("mountain songbird" mark) is not a new logo for the university. It is to be used to identify colleges, programs or departments as a title line. For example: Ttop of a brochure or cover letter. The titlemark can also be used in informal applications, including merchandise.

Usage guidelines




Careful and creative use of our approved typefaces reinforces our personality traits and maintains clarity and cohesiveness in our marketing initiative.

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University Communications

Promoting the strategic initiatives and special character of Appalachian State University.

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• Publications and Graphic Design
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Licensing products

Through the licensing program, Appalachian State protects and enhances its reputation by ensuring that only licensed and approved products displaying University trademarks appear before the public. Additionally, the program enables the institution to share in the benefits derived from the commercial use of these trademarks.

For more information, please visit the Office of Trademarks & Licensing.