Reich College of Education First for Teaching


What does it mean to be first for teaching? It means we put kids first!

We teach the teachers who fight for every child. We start by requiring every education student to take courses in social justice and diversity (from race to class to ability – and every thing in between). We teach students how to make classrooms inclusive learning spaces – how to shatter stigmas and stereotypes. We challenge our students to serve the campus and the community.

Our students, faculty and alumni are actively working to sustain and grow education in their communities, thus inspiring the next generation of teachers.

Want to solve the world's biggest problems? First, teach!

Campaign managed by:

Rebekah Saylors
Interim Communications Liaison for Reich College of Education

Amie Snow, Ed.D.
Appalachian Academy at Middle Fork

Gina Harwood
Executive Director of Development for Reich College of Education

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